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How does security incident testing help with breach planning (and what is a table top exercise, anyway)? 

Data breaches are an ever-present concern for businesses in Canada, and effectively managing cybersecurity incidents is crucial to minimizing their impact. Datarisk Canada’s Verify Audit Portal, combined with the newly introduced TTX Incident Simulation™ module, offers a comprehensive solution that enables companies to schedule assessments, gauge risk, and collaborate on privacy and security management. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using the TTX Incident Simulation™ module and how it can help businesses improve their incident response planning and overall cybersecurity preparedness. 

The TTX Incident Simulation™ module provides a unique opportunity for Canadian companies to schedule team exercises and collaborative sessions centered around real-life cybersecurity incidents. These Table Top Exercises (TTX) are facilitated by certified cybersecurity and privacy experts, allowing organizations to practice rapid incident response and refine their breach planning and communication strategies. 

Despite the importance of incident management and response, many organizations still struggle in this area: 

  • 55% of companies mismanage their cybersecurity incident planning 
  • 87% fail to test their breach response plans 
  • The cost of data breaches in Canada has skyrocketed to about $7M per incident (Ponemon data) 

Integrating the TTX Incident Simulation™ module into existing cybersecurity management platforms allows organizations to access it in real-time from portable devices, enabling teams to participate in TTX simulations and other collaborative events with dedicated Risk Advisors. 

With the TTX Incident Simulation™ module, security and incident teams can: 

  1. Practice rapid incident response with their dedicated Risk Advisor or independently 
  2. Review breach planning and incident communications, including regulatory reporting, client notification, and disclosure 
  3. Track and monitor improvements over time directly in the platform, based on Risk Advisor scores and the results of lessons learned from post-mortem discussions 

Available for both the MPC PrivacyDASH™ and Datarisk Verify Audit Portal™, the module benefits from the platform’s native multifactor authentication and secure file-sharing capabilities, along with other compliance-friendly features such as encryption at rest, encryption in transit, secure communications, and mobile compatibility. 

Professionals and advisory firms can support these efforts by joining the FlexSecure Partner Program (FPP™) directly from and recommending the PrivacyDASH™ and Verify Audit Portal™ to their clients and trusted partners. These platforms cater to various organizations, including vendors and service providers requiring standardized policy and compliance training, security and privacy managers seeking to streamline enterprise risk education, and professional services firms looking to extend their security program to their clients. 

In conclusion, the TTX Incident Simulation™ module represents a significant advancement in cybersecurity preparedness for Canadian businesses. By incorporating this module into their cybersecurity management platform, organizations can enhance their incident response planning and minimize the impact of data breaches. Professionals and advisory firms can further support these efforts by joining the FlexSecure Partner Program (FPP™) and becoming Authorized Privacy and Security Partners through