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“Risk advisor™ delivers certified security expertise, on demand.” – Claudiu Popa CEO

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How is Datarisk different from an IT security company?

Datarisk was built to deliver tangible return on investment as a Strategic Cybersecurity Risk Advisor. We leverage the latest technology, from our exclusive GRC portal to automated audit validation tools to provide information risk assurance to organizations across all sectors.

Our challenges are unlike everyone else’s. Can we ask a question before investing in a Datarisk Consult? 

Absolutely! Visit our Contact page to reach out and we will respond within hours.

We have IT support and security is not a problem. How can Datarisk Canada help us improve?

The vast majority of organizations that experience data breaches or fail to detect serious incidents suffer from a false sense of security. This may be you, your suppliers or your competitors. We profile your organization’s risk maturity and establish a Risk Maturity Score (RMS) baseline that is easy to understand. 

Once established, the RMS will serve to monitor continuous improvement, communicate changes, gauge progress and catalyze the success of your business initiatives, from marketing campaigns to company mergers. Take advantage of the one-time Datarisk Consult to find out more and derive an action plan that will put you well ahead of your competitors.